Monday, January 01, 2018

Travellers Blanket On-Line Class

Happy New Year to all my followers, friends and family! I hope it is creative and fun. Last year was very very busy for me and culminated in  a two month residency at Atauro Island which was an unforgettable experience which stole my heart.

 The coming year is going to be almost as busy, but I will actually be in Australia quite a lot more. I hope to be able to build an ablutions shed at some stage this year money and time permitting, as I will have to get a workman to help me do that- having no tools or building skills. I think I have worked out what to do about the skylights in my shed which make it incredibly hot in summer- too hot to work.

But meanwhile I have decided to rewrite some of my Travellers' Blanket on-line class, as my stitching has progressed since I first wrote it and ideas have progressed as well. I will be offering this class starting 21 January and it goes for 4 lessons delivered fortnightly as a pdf file. The cost of the class is $75AUS.I set up a private Facebook group to share information and images and I keep the group opne for quite some time as stitching a blanket takes quite some time The idea of the travellers blankets grew from the notion that if you travelled in times past and you wanted to make a memory cloth to record what you had seen you would snaffle fragments of fabric to  detail your journey. The idea has grown and the blanket I am working on at present is of sea urchins. Urchins studded the beach on my dawn walks on Atauro island and I love their shape and patterning- so in a sense it is a reminder of those walks and the feeling  that watching the sun rise evoked. In a sense anything can be made into a travellers blanket.It is a visual form of story telling which dictates its own pace and reflections. I call them blankets because someone referred to one of my quilt art pieces as a blanket- so that was grist to the stone! Email me if you are interested in joining the class and I will send you further details , how to pay and a materials list.

The images are of work/travellers blankets I worked on in 2017.

  The blanket above was exploring embroidery to encapsulate the idea of communities, in particular indigenous communities  which are whole systems of information.

  The blue travellers blanket is quite large and is a journey through  the years of printing and linocutting I have been doing since I began with textiles as my full time work.

The piece below is inspired by the urchins encountered on morning walks on Atauro island. There is a lot of colonial knots on this piece!


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Evi Schumacher said...

Lovely idea, thanks for the inspiration.

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