Thursday, December 01, 2016

Time? Where does it go?

Last weekend we had an exhibition at the house of a friend of mine in Gembrook. So it was busy preparing everything and then it was over. Old friends dropped in, new friends were made and there were even some sales.

My Aussie Bush Panels will now also be available form the Sewing Connection in Pakenham. The Project will be shown at the Quilt and Craft Fairs around Australia and New Zealand, and I am negotiating for a venue in France for 2018. The exhibition will start it's touring life in May 2017. If  you are interested in joining the project- just  take a look at the Aussie Bush project page on my blog. Colours have started to dwindle a bit so I will be dyeing and printing a whole new batch in the  not too distant future. The fern below is from the project. it is all machine stitched  with Aurifil threads.

And then immediately outside of the window where I am staying at the moment  are the actual fern fronds that inspired the linocut.I must admit the "bush" linocuts have been inspired by the things I find in the Otways and down at my block. I really have started looking at the block differently since seeing the John Wolseley exhibition last year and I can start dreaming again about how the Otways can inspire my work. And there is some excitement too- some solar panels are going in next week to provide me with power for a bit of light and power for my laptop/phone. I will be adding to it when I can in order to be able to run my sewing machine as well. Plus I have to install a water tank somehow. I think I need to do a handyman course!

I will definitely be running my on-line linocutting course starting  at the end of the first week in January 2017. Just look at my last post for details- there is also a Paypal button for easy payment. The course  is pretty much work at your own pace and I tend to keep the FB page open after the  course has been delivered for discussion- as you can work at your own pace .

And I have been busy parcelling up all the Medieval Project so that the pieces can be back with their makers well before Christmas. There are still a few to send out- but the bulk of them have been sent out yesterday and today. Thank you so much for entrusting me with your work! They have seen a bit of France, quite a lot of Australia and the North Island of New Zealand- so they are well travelled!

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