Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Book is Now Available for Sale

We have been very busy parcelling up books- gift wrapping them and ensuring the rewards that were pledged for in our Pozible campaign have been met. It has been a big job but tomorrow the last of   books will be air shipped to France and then posted out to the recipients ( including the United Kingdom and th eUSA) from France so we hope the wait won't be too long.

 One of the rewards for the pledges has been a hand made book- and this has also taken time to make because hand made books take time in the making and the binding which is all done by hand.We had to make 10 books in all as 10 hand made books were pledged for. My daughter  hand sewed and bound the books and I made many of the  fabric and lutradur printed inserts as well as stitched and hand painted inserts. I can now show you some of what we made:

 The cover and  stitched  binding made by Celeste Galtry.

One of the pages from the book
with a hand painted and printed lutradur page.

Languedocian  landscape with a facing hand painted and printed lutradur page.

Olive tree variation with a cloth hand printed panel of grapevine and olive tree.

Cocteau's cat, a page in the book and a hand painted and printed lutradur page

And the view from Le Mont St Michel with a colour stitch study on khadi paper and insert in the hand made book.

However we can now promote the book as for sale.We have had really positive reviews on Facebook with people saying it is a beautiful book and enjoying the fact that we have been able to show how the inspiration and the stories behind the inspiration has lead to the work.

This is one review printed with permission from Jane Monk from Tasmanisa- and Jane does some inspiring work herself- take a look at her blog and website:
If you only buy one book this year, make it this one. If you love textiles, art, anything French. If you have had the pleasure of spending time in France, you will be whisked away with each page of this wonderful book. I can recall the smell of the autumn air while walking down parts of the Seine River on the outskirts of Paris, the magic of the Louvre, the cheese, the coffee, the busy sound of a city at midnight and the early sounds of provincial mornings. This book has brought back so many memories, wonderful sights, sounds, architecture, people and more. I know this may seem far fetched but this book is like a trip to France with textiles and art thrown in. Dijanne Cevaal ... I can't say enough about this most wonderful book you have created and brought to life with such wonderful insightfulness and tactility ... I can almost feel those fabrics and designs ... Thank you for such a beautiful creation, I will treasure this book. x

 The retail price for the book is $49.95 and postage in Australia is $15 p&p- however to elsewhere it is much more expensive ( thank you so much Australia Post) I will also be sea shipping books to France so that hopefully I will have them available for sale late May early June when I am still there.

At the end of next week I will be joining Creative Arts Safaris Indian Creative Camp, so those wishing to order the book please give me time to post them out to you if you are in Australia. Simply email me and I shall give you payment details.

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