Friday, September 12, 2014

Viville Quilt Expo

My feet have barely touched the ground since our Pozible campaign success- a mountain of work to achieve and not enough time and then this week I  left Australia for France to attend Jane Rollason's delightful exhibition in Viville, Viville Quilt Expo- in the tiny village where she lives in the Charentes. I love big events in small villages as it brings something special to places that are usually ignored in the big rush of bigger and "better"places, bigger and better venues. This week is lovely  as it is getting together with old friends in a sense, people I have learnt to know and befriend largely through Quilts en Beaujolais and a off course some new ones as well and because it is a small event there is a real chance to spend quality time with likeminded people!
Jane at work on a new piece.

 Chantal Guillermet and Caroline Higgs with some of their work and also some work from a group project they have been involved with- Fifteen by Fifteen. I love seeing other people's work and seeing what they have been up to. It is also possible to have a cup of tea or coffee, some cake or a sandwich and wine for lunch in the cafe which is part of the Salle Communale. It certainly encouraged people to make a day of it yesterday. There are three venues including the old chapel  and of course the countryside in this Cognac region is gorgeous and the weather sublime!

And then some more wonderful news for the Sentinelles- they will now be seen in Melbourne again! So this coming weekend they will be seen at newcastle, then Brisbane, then Melbourne and  then in Adelaide- you can read about it on Into Craft Blog.
It is also possible to  buy a panel for the Medieval project- there is the Queen of Chartres available but there is now also a king- I will share images next blog post. This project is also starting to acquire legs- with already some venues organised for 2015!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Those Sentinelles are getting around! I really must finish mine. Enjoy your time in France.

Monique 78 said...

Hi Dijanne; nice to see the Sentinelles are seen a lot. Will you be in Ste Marie aux Mines next week?

Nomadic Displays said...

Great Work