Monday, August 12, 2013

Productive Frame of Mind

I spent most of the weekend doing some kind of stitching, painting or reading, as the sun was out and then the sun room is a pleasant space to be in despite the fact that it is cold outside.- the cat likes it too.

Friday I went to Colac for a meeting and am delighted to tell you that CrossXpollination will take place again in July of 2014. Council have also agreed to provide some funding given the last CrossXpollination was a resounding success. If you are from Victoria, we will be offering a great program of workshops ( which we will announce in November). The theme for  2014 is Love & Loss, so get your thinking caps on as there will be a competition for a 3 dimensional  creation addressing the theme. The them for RRTAG ( red Rock Gallery ) is likely to be Love Letters- it is an opportunity to exhibit in a dedicated gallery space.

In March of 2014 I shall be international guest artist at Palaiseau at Voix au feminin.  The Sentinelle project will also be shown as part of  the festival. So if you have purchased a panel which you have emboidered and would like to be included in this exhibition please let me know. It will also travel to a Textile Festival in Canberra in May 2014.  I still have a good range of colours available but the actual linocut has now been retired as I want to conserve it as part of the project. Price of one panel is $15 AUS plus postage ( which is $2.60). The panels are made of hand dyed fabric which I have hand printed.

 In April ( early) I shall be in London for the Creative Stitches shows helping Gillian Travers mind the Voyageart  works and also displaying some of my own work in an adjoining space. I am very excited about this as it  has been some time since I have been to London or the United Kingdom in fact. I am available to teach after the first weekend in April if anyone in the UK were interested? Just email me. I am also looking for a reasonable priced place to stay in London- so any suggestions will be welcome!

Then onto what i did this weekend. I finished a replacement piece for last years Voyageart- so now they are all ready to send.This was from a small gocco print I made of the face, and the rest is all hand stitching. I like the circuar stitched shapes, they remind me a little of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, though I only realised that afterwards, i was simply looking for a contrast to the dark blue background and the dark blue stitching.

 I am playing, well more developing  really, some motifs for my work next year.It involves working in a large sketch book so that i can also print my linocuts into the book. I do journal and have done for many years, but it often involves writing with a drawing her or there. I have decided I wanted to be more focused particularly as I often get asked where do my ideas come from. Some things I have been writing about or drawing in one way or another for many years, but others come out of working  directly onto fabric or some direct source of inspiration. So the photo below is  some developmental work I did on the weekend.

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