Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On-Line Courses

There is still time to sign up for the on-line linocutting course.  You do not need to use lino necessarily, as you can use easy cut or other mediums which can be carved with lino tools. It is a great way to make your own stamps or to make more elaborate pieces which stand up in their own right and which come to life with the addition of stitching and other textile techniques. Email me if you are interested. Below are  a small sample of some of the linocuts I have made and how I have used them.

Of course I have made poppies into a linocut and was quite chuffed at how different the effect of the print was on Evolon compared to lutradur ( apart from the fact that the actual print also reverses)
but also how much detail stitching the pieces made.

This linocut is based on a persian motif adopted in French fabrics in the  eighteenth century. I really wanted to see how much detail  I could get into the linocut.

This is quite a large linocut and was inspired by a photo I took in Rue Mouffetard in Paris. In the piece below I only used a part of the linocut to make the print.

 The image above is again inspired by a photo I took in a  Brasserie in Chartres, where the windows are lined with all manner of teapots and coffee pots.

And of course my Sentinelles are also printed with a linocut- though my lino is starting to deteriorate so I will be making my last print run with the linocut later this week and then I will make no more of this kind of sentinelle. The good news is that  we are organising an exhibition of the sentinelle panels in Palaisseau near Paris from 29 March until 12 April 2014. We found that  peopel had really had a sense of fun with the embroidery and the embellsighments they used so the idea is to exhibit as many of the  panels which have been stitched as possible. There is still time to join simply email me if you would like to buy a panel and join the project. The cost of the panels is $15 (AUS) plus postage, which is about $2 ( )AUS for one panel.. I will also exhibit my larger panels so that their whole story can be told.I am really looking forward to seeing them all together!

And this is a piece I am working on for the Voyageart group ( I am running a bit late but  I am getting there)  The face is from the statue de l'Assumption in the chorus in the Chartres Cathedral . It took a while to work out who had made the sculpture as the information is not readily available- it was made by Charles Antoine Bridan out of carrara marble which he personally selected in Italy. I thought I detected a certain italianate style in the face of this angel- in fact it reminds me quite a lot of one of the faces that Michelangelo painted in the Sistine Chapel- I am not sure why- perhaps the broadness of the cheeks and the angle of the eyes? It turns out that Bridan may indeed have been influenced by Italian sculpture as he studied at the Academie de France in Rome from 1757-1762. There was little else to find out about Bridan except that two of his sculptures are in the Louvre and that his son also became a sculptor. One of his sculptures in the Louvre is described as having a flacid style- not sure what that exactly means. But I do like the face of this angel- there seems to be a dreaminess about it. It seems as if faces are my theme at the moment.

And last but not least. I have had a number of enquiries as to when I am running the Travellers' Blanket on-line class again and have decided that I shall start a new class on 17 June 2013. Below are some images of work created by previous students:

 The piece on the right is by Frances Mulholland but I forgot to record the name of the student who made the piece on the left. She used all eco-dyed fabrics for her memories. If you are interested in joining the class and creating your own Travellers' Blanket email me for more information. Cost of the class is $60 (AUS)


Robbie said...

I loved, loved my lino class with you!!! I learned SO much and actually impressed myself (& family and friends!) with my cuts...I didn't use lino. either...I just used rubber stamp material...I encourage folks to take your class!!!!!

ps3 jailbreak said...

Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!