Friday, March 22, 2013

Trying to Work Like Crazy

It always gets to this stage- I don't give myself enough  time to do the things I plan to do. I leave Australia on the 4th of April so still have a little time to still do things ,but...... and then a workshop in the Netherlands with Bernina cancelled- of course that happened the day after I booked my airfare so I could have come home earlier ...It is such a nuisance because I  plan all the travel  with a budget in mind and  there is little leeway these days for  things  to not go according to plan- plus it takes a bit of work getting all the information together and send images- even with email so it's wasted time when things do not go ahead.

I went up to my mothers this week to paint her lounge room- it was quite a job and frankly I felt a bit exhausted afterwards- though the room looked much improved with a fresh coat of paint!

We ( my eldest daughter and I ) are also in the process of making kits for sale  of the knights and ladies dolls- but more on that early next week- it takes quite a lot of time to design , write up , get it together, and deciding thread colours.

Last week whilst writing an article for Dowunder Textiles on breakdown printing another Chartres quilt sort of fell out of the sky- so much so that I had to rush an order for sme more Inkaid as I have thought of another way i would like to work with these images form Chartres ( it takes time to get working and then  ideas jump and it's hard to keep on track :-) )

And the Normandy Knights quilt is finished and I am now working on the Madonnas.Still soem way to go!

And I shall be teaching at the following places in April 2013:

 7 April 2013 in the Veneto   with Cuciservice
13 April 2013 in Bolgna with Cucilandia Bologna
18-21 April 2013 Quilts en Beaujolais- where I will be exhibiting new work made especially ( I had hoped to launch my book but time ran out unfortunately but we will be launching our kits!)
23 April 2013 - Best of Quilting at Marcoussis -Working with Solufix and embroidery
24 April 2013  at Draveil

If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me  or contact the businesses through their websites.
I had booked another workshop in Italy but unfortunately it got cancelled very early on- so it has given me the opportunity to actually do a woodblock printmaking workshop in Florence for 4 days- I am so looking forward to this- I have not done a workshop for years and years and I really ummed and ahhed whether I could afford to, but they gave me a discount because I could not do 5 days, and well it will give a whole new slant to wandering around Florence where I have not been since 1990- doing a printmaking workshop has been on my wish list for a very long time.

Oh and there is a $10 off coupon for my Blurb book  Creation and Inspiration in France, which I made whilst in France in 2010- simply use this code SHARE10, or use the side bar button for the book.

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