Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been stitching on my circles travellers blanket- the weather has been right ,cold wet and miserable, so what better to work on and keep you warm at the same time? I want to finish this blanket- it has been on the go since last year and I feel I need to finish it before I can start on my  French inspired travellers blanket. I tend to not have too many projects on the go at one time, though I need to seriously get working and creating.

I like how the little silk sari circles  change shape as you stitch- initially I as fussing about trying to make them perfectly circular- but who said that they needed to be? So i just sewed whatever shape they decided to be - maybe it's the  former wearer influencing the shape- who knows- it's quirky and i do like the irregular shapes as they do blend in better with the tie dyed shapes at the top. At the moment I am trying to sew all the circles on and then I will embroider them with simple stitches.

Can anyone see a sort of portrait on the background fabric? It's almost like an old negative.

So I will be starting another Travellers Blanket on- line class starting July 1. If you are interested in joining please email me. The cost is $60 and the course consists of three lessons, delivered as pdf files and a discussion group so that  you can share your stories and get feedback .The idea is that you  create a kind of story with fabrics and stitches- it is surprising what stories people have told with their blankets- some have been very personal, using such things as fabrics that belonged to family, others have  told stories of  morning walks along the beach and others have recorded things from the past. The background cloth I have used  is hand dyed khadi cloth ( which is a hand spun and woven fabric ), which is also available for sale if you are interested.


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