Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sentinelle #3- Blue

It's been a busy week- sewing, writing an article for Down Under Textiles, teaching the Travellers Blanket for the first time. On Saturday we dyed the fabric for the blanket, as the fabrics are not run of the mill patchwork fabric, but muslin and bumph in order to get the lovely soft drape. We will start stitching on Tuesday night.

I also have an article on foiling on lutradur in the latest issue of Down Under textiles. Here is the publisher blurb:
The next issue of Down Under Textiles will be out soon. I have some of my work included, showing readers how to use FOILS with two techniques - adhesives and iron-on paper-backed fusible web. 
There are heaps of other great articles and projects, so grab yourself a copy! It is NOT available in newsagents, call the publisher on 02 4365 2995 or email to find your nearest stockist. 

And work is progressing on the sentinelles- not quite as fast as I would like, but I have promised myself  I will do six and even if I have to stay up nights and do it , it has to be done. In the past i would too easily have settled for  five, but I have to push myself as I think six will look more impressive than five and  after I return for Europe I think I will keep building on the series- depending on how people respond to them. I have one more  piece of fabric to dye and to print- so then they will all be ready for stitch.The one I am working on at present is turning out much bluer than I thought she would- seems blue is ruling!


Anonymous said...

it's so beautiful!

Catherina said...

It looks just so wonderful, just go with the colour flow.

Kim said...

Your sentinelles are so very lovely... I am enjoying watching them develope. I am a spinner, weaver, and dyer, so love that you are using hand made cloth. So personal as well as beautiful. I hope the sewing is coming along better... frustration is not good for the soul!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Thank you for the positive feedback- it spurs me on as I do have my doubts whether they are working or not, but I am too far into the journey to bail out. So knowing someone appreciates them is encouraging!

Anonymous said...

I wish the magazine would sell through newsagents it would be so much more accessible.
Great sentinel work Dijanne, stretch the back though to stay strong. Good luck in Syria, Chrissy Guzzi

Hi5 said...

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