Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Last Lino-cutting On-Line Course for the Year

Thank you for the very supportive comments regarding my previous post- yes it is partly angst, and the fine balance of creating and getting your work out there. I just get enticed by glossy magazines and forget that their main game is to sell magazines and disseminate information.

The images are part of a page from a book entitled "Historic Textile Fabrics" by Richard Glazier published by B.T.Batsford, London sometime during the first World War.This particular textile was said to be a Persian Silk Brocade from the XVII Century- isn't it marvellous?? The next image is my attempt to make a linocut of a protion of the textile and it is taking quite a lot of cutting- I think I need to get better tools- perhaps once i move to France!

It is less than three months before we move- so I am having to do quite a bit of planning as to how to pack things away and what I will need to take with me- granted I cannot take much with me as I also have to take the My PLace quilts which take up a whole suitcase.

As I looked at dates and as I do have a wait list for my next on-line linocutting course I decided I needed to start the next course on 21 September 2009 so that participants have time to finish exercises whilst I still have regular internet access. I expect that will be disrupted until we settle down in February of 2010- there is a lot of running around to do!

The course consists of three fortnightly lessons delivered as a pdf document which entails a number of exercises- building from relatively simple marks, learning to know your tools, to more complex designs and interpreting photos and drawings and coloured printing in the last lesson. I set up a Yahoo group so you can share photos and so we can also discuss and troubleshoot- there is always different things that come up. I have also set up a blog to which participants will have continuing access- which will be a resource of linocutting in its variations- looking at different artists and different applications. The cost is a one off fee of $30US. If you are interested just email me. Payment can be made via Paypal if in Australia via bank deposit or cheque.

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Diana Parkes said...

Strange that you should be mentioning lino cutting as this morning (NZ time) I attending a lecture at Te Papa, Wellington, about Claude Flight, an inspirational lino cut artist and tutor from the earlier 20C, England. Te Papa has an exhibition of lino cuts from that era. Very interesting!