Monday, October 27, 2008

We Have Moved!

I loved this wall of plants , which is a project by Patrick Blanc at the Musee Quai Branly- wouldn't it be fabulous if all houses had walls like these?

We also visited Lembach Haus in Munich and were delighted to find many of Vassily Kandinsky's early works ( he was masterfeul in the use of a powder blue/corn flowery blue sort of colour) and some work by Paul Klee. This painting took my fancy because of the way it has been framed- obviously Klee wanted the "intrinsic" quality of the canvas on which he painted to be part of the whole ambience of the painting.

We have moved house- no phone or internet yet- but almost all of our stuff is there. We decided not to take the cats with us last night as we were still moving too much stuff around and then this morning on my walk with my friend we found Celeste's cat Izzy in the gutter- she had been run over. My daughter will be heart broken, she was a very sweet and affectionate cat.

Have to write an article on my forest quilts for Magic Patch by Wedensday, and then I go to NSW to teach at the Entrance Retreat for three days.Not much work done ont he textile front unfortunately - so much for my itching hands!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember Lenbach Haus and the fantastic collection of Kandinskys! We were visiting husband's cousin in Munich in 2000. Good luck settling in, Dijanne.

Judy said...

Hi! Djanne,

I am so pleased you have a house to move to; but am so sorry to hear Celeste's cat was run over it will break her heart none of us like to lose a pet.

lisette said...

oh that's so sad! poor celeste - and poor you finding izzy. i'm so sorry - my childhood was punctuated by many small cat deaths and i remember each one


Kristin L said...

So sad about Izzy, but congratulations on moving house. I wish and your girls lots of happy times and inspiration in your new space! (And I love the wall of plants!)

Anonymous said...

We have our own wall of plants in the former Daimaroo. When you are there check the main courtyard. It is not terribly big, but pleasing.
Izabela from Pt Cook