Monday, July 30, 2007

The Monday After



I am sorry I have not posted for a week or so but I have been in Melbourne at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair with the Across Australia quilts which were much appreciated. I took some more of my dolls to handstitch as the quilt I had intended to take to hand stitch did not eventuate. I did manage to transfer print some lutradur last Tuesday- but that was as far as I got. Anyway I stitched about another 6-7 dolls and even sold one- though I really don't know what to charge for these as they are rather time consuming with all the hand stitching and in the back of my mind I am thinking installation of some sort- to go with work inspired by Syria- they have a kind of middle eastern feel to them.I was surpised by how many people picked them up - and felt they had soem kind of story to tell- funny as that was how I was thinking of them - storytellers. ( and I will add another story I swapped for a doll in a day or so)

I will be away later this week at a Craft Quilt and Stitch Show in Perth, Western Australia-Across Australia will be shown there as well as some of my own work. So the work I had intended to put together to stitch for the last show will have to be put together for this week. I hate sitting and having nothing to do with my hands. So I have been auditioning the lutradur with some back ground fabrics- and then remembered I had been sent some 10 cm strips of traditional Damascene silk- which I had not quite worked out how to use- I think I can incorporate them into this piece - and perhaps add some foiling picking up on the silk accents and perhaps even some motif printing over the top- I am still thinking but do like the colour play.
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Arashi said...

I like the colourplay as well. The dolls seem bright and cheerful, but there is something just under the surface. I do like them.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love those dolls all in a row. They are marvelous.
take care, g

Anonymous said...

I agree with gracia, the dolls in a group have an added oomph. An installation that tells a story about stories? Scheherezade comes to mind first, but there must be lots of others. Anyway, the group has a lot going for it, so don't give away too many!