Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Travellers' Blanket Growing

My youngest daughter and i went and had a bit of R&R for a few days at a friends house which was a much needed break. I decided to leave my sewing machine at home and simply work on the travellers blanket.We wathed the BBC seried of Pride and Prejudice several times!When I got home my slab had been sealed - hoorah. Now i have to work out how I am going to line it. Can't afford to pay a workman to do it at the moment, so it might have to stay as is for the time being. I do have the insulation material but not the plasterboard to cover it.

Kate who left a message re 175,000th visit- you need to email me, if you go to my profile you will find a button to email me.

Then I have been busy doing other things- like selecting My Place. It is always exciting to put together an exhibition, and one of the selected artists has offered to build a simple website so we can share the exhibition more widely and hopefully also find more exhibition space. So Once I have the all clear from South Africa I will be posting more information about that.
Now i have some serious work to get on with!
And my quilt View From My Studio will be coming back to me when i collect it at Ste Marie aux Mines in France. It won the Husqvarna Viking prize in the Concours :A Garden Passionately. It is for sale if any one is interested for $1500 US inclusive of shipping. It measures 1 metre square.


tenar said...

Hi Dijanne, I don't usually comment on your stuff because I don't do much quilting/machine sewing myself, but I love to look at your work. Good luck with the exhibition!
I have tagged you: but if you don't want to do this please don't feel forced to.

blue sky dreaming said...

Dijanne, I absolutely love this travellers quilt. I love the story, I love the background and now I'm loving the pieces and handwork!Bravo!
Mary Ann