Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teapot and Rosewater Jug

Teapot and Rosewater Jug 7.5 inches x 8.5 inches For Sale $60 US inclusive of postage.
I was going to sell the occasional one of these as I need to get together a collection of them for my exhibition and i have done way too little sewing this last month, but I also need to earn my living. There has been so much going on on the house front, shed front and my family ( what i had hoped would happen ,won't, my middle daughter refuses to come home, refuses to say why arghhhh, my other two children are quite upset by all this as you can no doubt imagine, as well as myself) that I thought slowly getting back into something familiar would be the best way to go. However i got a bit too familiar and trimmed too much off this teapot and rosewater jug and so it's rectangular and not square as intended, so it's for sale.
I am having a wood heater installed into my shed- no studio! It's been so cold it's been too cold to sit and sew in there for any length of time- and certainly long sessions at the sewing machien are not possible. Hopefully it will arrive Monday- I can see myself sitting and hand sewing in front of the woodfire at night in the next weeks trying to finish the Travellers blanket and Palms of Palmyra.


Jackie said...

Gorgeous is all I can say.

Judy said...


I am sad for you and your other children taht you did not see your daughter.

Glad to hear you are putting in a wood heater I did wonder how cold your studio was yuo'll be lovely and toasty warm when it is installed.

This stitched piece is delicious! Very tempting.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh how I would love to have this piece... has it been sold?

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your site. I've gotten hooked reading Kristin LaFlamme's blog and she sent me to yours. I read that your middle daughter won't come home and refuses to discuss it. This happened to me too about three weeks ago. She'd come home for the summer from university and had been thorny every day. We don't restrict the girls (25,20,19) at all being the ages they are now, so that wasn't the problem. Anyhow, one tiny misunderstanding and she "couldn't live here anymore" blah blah. I immediately switched to conversing with her via written notes because we were both too emotional for talking to work. I made sure each note mentioned how she needed to remember that no matter what happened or what was said that I loved her. After the waters settled, she decided to move back to her apartment at school and things have been peachy since. I was extremely distraught during this period but happily, all things pass. It turns out that she just feels stifled living at home. She's crossed that border between child and adult and living at home makes her feel pulled backwards. It's sad that these transitions are sometimes so traumatic. It wasn't like that with the oldest daughter but I remember that it was when I was growing up (think: apples falling not far from trees) Don't feel alone. It will pass. Everything will be fine...rita in Canada, just south of Ottawa