Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Rambling

My Travellers' Blanket would not be complete without a pomegranate somewhere! Have not done as much stitching as i had intended this weekend .However other things happened., Like a solution for my shed lining so I can move in there. I have had the insulation batts for awhile but wasn't sure what i would do about the actual lining until a neightbour said why don't you use plywood. I thought this was going to be out of my league cost wise for the time being ( as I still have to organise my hire car in Europe as well as my travel insurance), but we went the the hardware store on Saturday morning and we bought the plywood to line the shed and the screws to attach it. It gets delivered tomorrow ( it wasn't going to fit in my Nissan Micra!). All things going well we ( the girls and my eldest daughters' boyfriend and I ) should be able to get it up this week and painted ready for a shed warming next weekend- it will be such a relief to have somewhere to work! I never thought moving into a shed would be so exciting! However first we had to debug the shed and unspiderweb it as much as possible ( The Otways has lots and lots of spiders)
Then the weather was sunny today so after doing a little stitching my daughter and I decided to get stuck in and start pruning the fruit trees as they weren't pruned last year( we have a lots of fruit trees so there is a lot of work pruning them all) We got about 8 trees done. We have cut them all to a much more manageable height for fruit picking and already there is much more space!


Kristin L said...

Sounds like a VERY productive weekend. I hope all goes well with the shed lining and we get to see lots of pictures of you moving in soon!

Jackie said...

I just signed up for google reader and your blog was in the recommended list. I'm so glad I had a look. Coming back for a good read when I have time later.

Judy said...

Hi! Dijanne,

Wonderful things are moving for you, I would be just as thrilled as you to have a shed to work in. Happy shed warming for next weekend

monique 78 said...

Hope you'll have a nice place to work in by next week end.