Saturday, November 03, 2007

Busy but not Much to Show


I have been busy dyeing fabric for a shop in Melbourne, Patchworks Umlimited in Pascoe Vale. This is the only shop I dye for in Australia- I used to do a lot more but gradually they have all dropped off or are getting their dyed fabrics elsewhere. I drove down to Melbourne yesterday to take the fabrics hoping to get to Zart Art to buy more dyes- but as it was Colac Show Day I took teens with me- not a good idea as the anxiety levels of not getting to the clothing outlet part of the city before closing time got too much and I had to abandon the idea of getting to Box Hill.

I have been sewing up my little story dolls and cats- then spent most of today stuffing them. I have often felt tempted to say when asked "What do I do?" to say "I stuff toys" ( I used to make fish and seahorse stuffed mobile creatures as well) though I have to admit "I dye" usually gets a bit of a startled response! Anyway my dolls are ready for the next stage- the hand embroidery and hand embellishing.This is a job I can do at night ( I tend not to work at night as I work all day) as it is quite relaxing.

I have been trying to organise an airfare to Europe for January- but all the airfares are outrageously expensive and I don't think I can afford to do it- so I think I am going to have to cancel my January classes which is a pity, but I can't see any other way around it. I sometimes wish I had my own wings!
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jude said...

always loving your work, though usually lurking, i like the transfer of the carved effect to fabric. wings are always on my mind too....

hcg said...

hello!! Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post. Keep up the good work friend. Glad to be part of your net community.