Tuesday, October 30, 2007






When I thought..... all the last drawings and amendments to text for the book have gone off to France and I could breathe a sigh of whatever, I find out this morning that Editions de Saxe have been bought by another company. The General Manager has gone ( he was the one I dealt with) and there is a new one. The contract is signed but I only sent it on the day I left Europe- so it should be there- they had already signed. We had amended the contract as I wanted to keep the English rights until such time as they published the book in English. So now what?? I was hoping the advance would pay for my trip to Europe in January. Hopefully I might find out more tonight- but it just shows how precarious things can be and if the thing is scrapped I will have to cancel my trip :-(

So I decided to make some more of my griot dolls and sone of the cats (one as a thank you gift to some acquaintances in Austria who kindly sent soem Halloween things for the kids). I sold a couple of the dolls when I was overseas- people seem to genuinely like them . So I decided to sell them through the blog as well.! They are $55 US inclusive of postage (airmail). I carved a new figure as I want a variety of faces and patterning as well.
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Magic Cochin said...

Oh what an annoyance Dijanne - the world of publishing is so precarious! You're working with a person for months then one day they're gone and the name of the company changes and the address is different... I should have got used to it by now but it's still unsettling. Good luck with everything, these things sort themselves out in the end.

Love your dolls! They have timeless faces - like those portraits on Roman coffins or Bizantine mosaics.

All the best