Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Khan Assad al Pasha


We are off and running with our Expressive Books group- and will set up a public blog once we area bit further along. But as part of my catalogue/ideas I have been playing around with images from Syria which I took earlier this year. This one is of the big dome of the Khan Assad al Pasha ( where the Across Australia exhibition was also shown in 2006).It is an old caravanserai from the eighteenth century and has been restored so it is in fabulous nick. My daughter and I saw some whirling dervishes there as well.

I have played around with my photo in photoshop- not altering the photo a great deal, but playing around with filters and then I printed it on my printer after having previously painted fabric with Matte medium from Inkaid.However I purcahsed mine from Zijdelings in Tilburg in the Netherlands.This stuff does alter the hand of the fabric and I am yet to try sewing it but the image is so well defined and the colour so good I am prepared to sacrifice some flexibility of the fabric. And Sue asked in the comments and seeing I am editing I thought I would answer here- I do back the fabric with freezer paper, but I have to say my printer is also a little sensitive to this sort of stuff so I take extra precaustions.I really like how clear the print becomes. Kathyanne White uses it in some of her work too- and it is worth having a look at her blog and website if you are interetsed in trying different mediums on fabrics and papers- and take a look at her hand made books as well!

And there is a blogreader form the Netherlands Antilles- I would love to know if you are a quilter? And for some reason Neoworx does not seem to recognise Lebanon as a country- I have someone who visits from time to time- but whilst sitemeter notes it Neoworx doesn't.
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sue said...

do you still have to back the fabric before printing of does it stiffen it sufficiently to be used on its own?

heidi said...

Dit is een heel sterk ontwerp.

hcg said...

It's great to see a blog of this quality. I learned a lot of new things and I'm looking forward to see more like this. Thank you.