Monday, November 19, 2007

And Moving On


Thank you for all the complimentary comments about my mind map- I suppose I have always doodled so it seemed only natural to combine the two things. Doing it this way made me also think harder about what I might find visually in the ideas I wanted to work with- some will happen and some will not and yet others will use theideas as jumping off points. With that in mind i wanted to make some of the patterning of the bottom left hand corner of the map which is actually the pattenring of the cloak of Ibbit Lim of Ebla which dated from 1900BC. I must admit I just love the depth of history in a place such as Syria- and yet the patterns are still relevant today.I also liked that the clothing/cloaks of the time were so highly decorated, I can only imagine how beautiful they might have been. I did this patterning with breakdown printing- though I disappointed myself with being too rough in creating the patterning when painting the screen-in fact I nearly washed the screen- and then decided I may as well print with it to see what it would bring- going by the theory there is no such thing as a failed bit of dyeing.I do want to do the patterning again with a squeeze bottle so I can refine it better- but on the other hand once this was printed it was more interetsing than the painted screen might have suggested.
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jude said...

i like the way this turned out... it looks like an aged stone surface, part of which has worn away.

ann vanherle said...

helemaal mijn ding....prachtig

hcg said...

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