Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nearly There


Spent most of the day sewing and I still have not done all the squares- but it is nearly done!I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can get on with other things.

It is really cold and grey outside- miserable weather really- it does not enthuse you to do much of anything.So I made a couple of pots of soup- pumpkin and chicken and garden vegetable ( with mostly vegetables from the garden). We have got great leeks this year, they add such a nice subtle onion flavour to things.
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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your output!
I have only recently started reading your blog and love to see what extraordinary new textile work you have been working on each day. I especially adore your very expressive dolls! I'm from Melbourne and I'd like some details about the Samson Hill Winery workshop? Cheers!
from Viky

Shirley said...

Hai Dijanne, ziet er schitterend uit zo met die kleuren, het krijgt er diepte van. Top zeg, dat je nu ook een Franstalig boek mag uitgeven, ik heb het Nl'se 72-ways-boek verslonden, is als een bijbel voor me. Ik check regelmatig jouw blog, zo inspirerend en zo actief! Geniet van de foto's van tuin en quilts, je boft met zo'n mooie uitzicht.