Friday, June 22, 2007

Spark-a-Lark Cat


I wish my mood matched the sparkling little cat, but at the moment I could do with some cheer. I made the cat for my youngest daughter who turns 12 tomorrow- the time has flown. Next week my eldest daughter turns 16, again where has the time gone? Tomorrow I have to be up bright and early and be cheerful as I have a 12 year old busting to be a teen! She adores cats and loves the colour pink.

The workshop lists for Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork at Val d'Argent France our out now and I am teaching on four days- Thursday , Friday , Saturday and Sunday- from 13 Septemeber to 16 September. I am teaching the following:
13 Septemeber - Dye your own fabric ( you will learn how to make the fabric I make)
14 September- print your own Fabric- varios easy printing techniques you can easily do at home . I will bring some of my lino-cuts and stamps for use
15 September- Applique and free machine embroidery- we will explore various free machien techniques and create a small wallhanging.
16 September- Cretaing Journal Quilts- exploring pesonal themese whilst working small.If you want a list or inscription form I have them available in pdf format which I hope I can forward on.

On Saturday 15 September I will also be giving a lecture at 13.00 hours- about Inspirational Textiles, and how textiles have been used over the centuries to express all manner of things.
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Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to hear that your middle daughter doesn't want to be a part of the family. But, tomorrow is your youngest's day and nothing should cast a shadow on her. I hope the day is as sparkly as the wonderful cat.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Dijanne, I feel much the same but for a different reason, as you know. Sometimes it's just to so difficult to get through these times and maintain a smiling face when we're sad and broken inside. At least we have our art and out creations - I know mine are really important to me when I feel like nothing much else is going well. At least I can lose myself in my work.


Emmy said...

een heel erg fijne dag en heel veel geluk in de komende tij dje hebt het niet echt gemakkelijk ik wens je veel sterkte
veel liefs Emmy

catsmum said...

oh I remember when the youngest was born ... you heavily pregnant and going to AQA meetings :]
Surely that was only last year, wasn't it ??

Digitalgran said...

You are such a busy lady Dijanne and for such people time does seem to fly. But just imagine if you didn't have these pleasurable things to do how time would drag? I can't imagine anything worse. I hope you and your new teenagaer have a great day.