Sunday, June 24, 2007

Early Morning Garden

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Ok some flowers from my garden and the early morning sun shining on the trees up the back of our property.

I don't often get too political on my blog but the last couple of weeks that I have been home I have tried to avoid the tv at all costs. When I am away I don't miss tv at all , and then slowly inexorably you get drawn into it- especially in winter which is what it is here right now. Our country is in pre-electioneering mode- a travesty of appalling tv at the best of times with all sorts of allegations and counter allegations flying around. Actually lets call it for what it really is- lies and lies and more lies. Has anyone had the feeling no matter where you are, that whatever we are being told by those who run our countries that we are being told the biggest lies? Not little fibs, not little white lies but huge encredibly counterproductive lies? If my child came home and told me such curlies I would have very serious words with her- possibly with banishment to a room until the truth was told.And does anyone find the word "sorry " overused- once it meant an heartfelt apology for a wrong done- these days it seems to mean "watch my mouth I am saying sorry but what I am really saying is get over it shit kicker" We are told there is no inflation? Scuse me do you know any pollie who has had to go to the supermarket with $200 and feed kids for a week? and pay utilities, run a car with petrol prices said to be declining but really at their highest for quite some time because the American driving season has started? The commencement of the "American Driving Season" has been given on most news services as the reason Australians have to pay for escalating fuel costs- exactly why the American drivcing season should have this impact we are never told . We are also told that employment is at an all time high- the thing they don't tell you that even if you are employed for one hour a week you are counted in the employment figures- hardly an accurate representation of full employment is it? I can't tell you the number of people I know to be holding down several part-time jobs in order to make ends meet.

And whilst I am on this rant- I want to say a word about ageism- technically or actually legally you are not allowed to discriminate in the Australian employment market because of age. Ok.... so tell me why my husband ( aged 51) has not even had one single job interview for a position as draftsman despite last year ( 2006) gaining a diploma in drafting ( he has an science degree from earlier in his life as well) and gaining marks of which the lowest was Distinction- and the average was High Distinction- with excellent efficiencies in Autocad and Rivet despite applying for dozens of jobs? Not one job interview despite being the top student of his year- that wouldn't have anything to do with age would it? And not one job interview from the employment agencies he has registered with in Colac and Geelong.

And on another note of ageism- I have had more than my fair share of dealings with government departments in the last nine months- some people are polite and pleasant to deal with and I feel that they are doing the best in the circumstance- but others are plain rude- they look at you, and just because they think you are the other side of forty or heaven forbid even 50 you are somehow a lesser person- and eyes can be rolled in meetings when you are making a point which does not suit their neat pidgeonholed view of things. My views have been questioned, my interpretation of things has been questioned- not nicely (I don't deny anyone the perogative of questioning - which is fair enough) but in a challenging "what would you know?" kind of way. The young seem to have a presumption that just because you are middle aged that you have no knowledge , no skills and no learning. I think what concerns me the most is ,that people are very quick to be judgemental- they feel they have you categorised within minutes of meeting you- however my training has always been to watch and observe- then make decisions.

Anyway enough of a rant today I have to work- at least it is sunny so I can go for a walk and blow away some of these simmering cobwebs!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Oz and NZ are especially bad for ageism in employment, and it's worse for men. It pays to not put your age or year of birth in your CV if you're applying that way. In USA, you are considered in your prime in your 50s. Not here though. That's one advantage to being self-employed.

Of course, we middle-aged women are invisible too. This really p***** me off when I first realised it, but after a while, I decided it gave me freeedom to do what the hell I liked seeing as no-one was looking at me.

Remember -"no-one can make you feel inferior without your consent". Keep questioning these rude people! Give them a taste of their own medicine - in a firm professional way, and without losing your cool. You know what you're worth!

Anonymous said...

In a perverse way, it does make me feel a little teeny bit better that it's not just my country that spews lies easier than breathing. BTW, in 30+ years living in the US, I don't remember ever hearing about us having a "driving season." Interesting that our conspicuous consumption is obvious to those outside the US, but not to the US itself. I do hope that persistnce pays off for your hubby. There has got to be a firm out there somewhere that appreciates the experience and people skills that come with age.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kristin. And as a once in a while ranter, I got a vicarious tghrill from yours.

Digitalgran said...

What a lovely rant! I agree with you about the lies we are being fed daily by the politicians. I hopw your DH gets the good job he deserves soon.
Here in the UK, many people don't seem to want work. I know someone who has a shop and is finding it almost impossible to get reliable shop assistants.

Anonymous said...

Odd, isn't it, that we can claim to be a civilised country but the people who govern us - and those who hope to - can't be civil to each other? My mother wouldn't have either Parliamentary Question Time or Election reporting showing on her TV, saying she wouldn't have people behaving like that in her house and she couldn't see why she should have them on her TV. Good on ya Mum!