Friday, June 08, 2007

The last 24 hours




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I think doing the taxes must have set in panic mode- sometime yesterday I decided that I needed to hand quilt one of the long cross stitch panels , as I had forgotten about one of the other quilts I was going to send- it wasn't in the immediate field of vision was it??? Anyway I now have really sore fingers ( I don't like wearing thimbles at all, and I don't hoop) as I spent most of last night and this morning hand quilting. I had thought of maybe doing it by machine , but then after some stitching the texture of hand stitching is so much richer- as the photo of the unquilted section shows-the stitching intensifies the colour a lot. So the three long panels are all going to Lyon ( they are about 100cms or more)- they were supposed to be the same length- well at least the two stone angel panels.

Then I did some doctoring on Persephone's Rug for the Underworld- I decided it wasn't dynamic enough so I added some free machine appliqued hand printed pomegranates. It has been sent as well, though I might do some more to it when it returns. Anyway I am happier with it now. And then as I was searching for the pomegranate cut-outs that i cut out last week I found another quilt I was going to send- so it meant I actually had an extra quilt, which I have decided to keep here. But gee my fingers are sore!!!

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