Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Finished


Did a quilting marathon- or that is what it felt like. But the coloured version is done.It looks quite different now the yellow satin stitching edging has gone in on each square. It is actually a bit darker than this in the real- the flash of the camera seems to pick up the shine of the rayon machine embroidery thread.It really looks quite different to the black thread and white background I did of the quilt for the book.

I usually keep a journal but have been really slack of late in doing anything visual in there- must get back in the habit. A blog I enjoy a lot is called Notebookism- it blogs all the different types of journals that are on the market ( and I am embarassed to say I have a few that are listed- actually more than a few) and often references articles about journal keeping and artist' books. It also has other bloggers share their journal making prowess from time to time. I have also started reading "The Unknown Matisse" A Life of Henri Matisse: The Early Years, 1869-1908 by Hilary Spurling. I enjoyed the second volume a lot.

It is also the time of year to think about vegetable seeds for the garden. We usually get seeds from Eden Seeds who have a lot of old style varieties and non-hybrid seeds so that they self sew or at least the seed is viable if we collect it.
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Gracie said...

I lovethis piece you did. I really need to practice my machine quilting and this semms as good way as any...and I end up with art? Cool!