Thursday, January 11, 2007

Starting Another Quilt

The first image is of a hand painted panel one of my students in Kuwait gave me last year. Her name was Paramjeet ( thanks Felicity for the correction!) and she was from India and said that this little panel was hand painted by artists from her own region ( but I can't recall what that region was) What I do recall is Paramjeet's fabulous work. Jenny Bowker taught her to machine quilt and when Jenny next saw her she has machine quilted/embroidered an amazing study of a old city replete with sailing ship in black thread on white fabric- it was utterly amazing!

I have been preparing some more fabric for my next quilt. I am a bit low on white fabric for dyeing at the moment so have been squirreling around using what I have got. This fabric I bought in France and it has quite a coarse weave but it takes the dye beautifully. I have printed some bracken leaves onto it before machine embroidering some banksias onto it. I roll the gold ink onto the leaf itself and then place the leaf inked side down onto the fabric and press it down with a newspaper over the top. Because of the coarse weave of the fabric the print is not as clear as it might be but as i will be stitching around the edges it will show up more once I am finished with it- especially as lately I am double threading my machine whenever I quilt in order to get more of a line.


Helen said...

Did you double thread your machine for Gilgamesh"s rug. Is that why it looks so good? What kind of gold ink did you use?

joyce said...

I love the colors on the panel from your student. It's beautiful. I have never tried double threading my machine, but now there's one more thing to try! I assume you still use only one bobbin thread. I like the subtle effect of the leaf print on the coarser fabric. I too am mostly out of fabric to dye. Gotta remedy that asap.

Anonymous said...


A lovely job of dying and I like the indistinctness of the fern leaf, I think it enhances rather than detracts from the piece.


Felicity said...

Dijanne, I think you must mean Paramjeet. If I remember correctly she is from New Delhi.

I love ferns, this is a super idea!

dijanne cevaal said...

Thanks Felicity- made the corrections!