Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gellibrand Morning 2007

Sometimes I feel like a little tattered leaf floating on the ocean of debris- my flowers have withered into hard little nuts and somehow you still have to hang on and be counted. 2006 was a rollercoaster year - it started with a fabulous trip to Egypt, Syria and Kuwait. Then a trip to Europe Israel and Palestine. I was deeply affected by what I saw in Palestine almost in the same way as I was affected by travels in Africa in 1990. My trip to Africa freed my imagination- but also gave me the courage to ditch a career as a solicitor where I was earning excellent money and was on a career path of partnership and all the attendant gains with that. Africa opened my eyes- money does not make happiness, fulfilling whatever it is that each of us needs to do creatively has a much better chance of succeeding at that. Likewise my trip to Palestine unleashed a deep melancholy which I am only now coming to grips with. I felt so helpless in the face of a situation that seems to have no solution and which sees people suffering. The melancholy has been percolating and everynow and then I get a glimpse of the work I might create and then Collin's father died, and four weeks later my middle child decided she would rather live away from us than with us.That is still the situation now. I am hoping a solution will be found. We all are tattered little leaves in an ocean and we have to keep swimming and hoping. So here is what I am hoping.....for 2007

Peace and peaceful solutions

That Sense of Place really extends the goodwill that I am hoping it will.

That my daughter will seek the help she needs and learn to trust that help so she can climb out of where she is now.And that we will be "family"again- meanwhile we have to make sure that the rest of us remain so.

That I will survive another year as an artist both artistically and financially, and find new ways of seeing things and expressing myself.

That I can use the emotions of 2006 to make work that questions and re-evaluates things taken for granted.

And last but not least- that i get to meet as many friends as I have made through this blog not only in cyber space but in the realm of hugs , smiles and tears.

And that our vegie garden again provides the organic backdrop which is a mainstay of our lives. I find it remarkable that in one of the driest years ever the lettuce which is a notorious water feeder has decided that this is the year to be a most excellent lettuce! Basil is revelling in the warmth and zucchini as always faithfully produces a glut!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. I hope it will be fufilling and bring satisfactory resolution to those things in your life which are in flux. Best wishes :-)

Lisa Walton said...

I really hope that this year is full of joy for ou. I notice that you have reached 10000 blog visitors - that is an amazing achievement. Well done and keep creating your wonderful work

Helen said...

My heart goes out to you. I so identify with what you are saying. Life can be overwhelming at times and the feeling of helplessness in the face of so much suffering is very common. When the suffering is close to home it can be very difficult. Keep creating and inspiring us and I sincerely hope you find ways of healing the brokenness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dijanne,

My heart goes out to you and trust 2007 will be a different year. I have some understanding of the pain you are going through with your daughter. I have raised three adult daughters and my first left home at 17 for a most unsuitable situation against our wishes.

Keep up hope and an open door and the future may surprise you.

Hugs and kisses over cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dijanne,

I wish I could meet with you in the realm of real smiles, hugs, and tears. Knowing that you are coming to Europe this year isn't any better because I will not be able to visit France, most probably.
But I still remain your faithfull reader and I wish you a very good year, where all your wishes come true. Creativity, good health, luck and peace!

Hugs and kisses over cyberspace again:-)


The WestCountryBuddha said...

Apart from admiring your veggies which look wonderfully healthy and tasty (I love growing veg but can't because I have a squirrel problem and everything I try gets eaten before I can get to it!)I also send my very best wishes to you for a peaceful and happier 2007. One of my daughters had an eating disorder from the age of 13 and was quite unhappy, and although I know your daughters situation isn't quite the same, I imagine the emotional effects on the whole of your family have similarities. I can only say, take heart, and just try and keep positive and as supportive as I know you to be.

Unknown said...

I so understand what you are saying in your blog and I would love to meet you in the real world too! I love your work and I truly hope that 2007 turns out to be a good year for you. Love and hugs

Pam Annesley said...

What a year 2006 was for you. May 2007 be peaceful and successful.
virtual hugs,

Shirley Goodwin said...

I hope 2007 will bring you added strength and serenity, Dijanne. You have had the courage to follow your heart with your art, and I have also done something similar so I know how hard it is, though in my case it's not my art that supports me but my art-related business. I hope your daughter and your family are able to come to a better understanding that won't cause you so much grief.

arashi said...

To one who is atruly compassion, my heart goes out to you. You have great strenght and it will balance things out. I hope a solution is found for you daughterf and that whateverf it is will brfing you peaade and hope for the future., I wish you the fery best this coming year and may the light of understgandign and joy shine on you and yeours.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog and look forward to not only your beautiful inspiring work but your heartfelt comments.
I too had a daughter that left home at 16, and although 2006 brought so much suffering in the world and at home my daughter made a trip to see me. It was the first time since she had left that we "talked" about everything....then we hugged and cried and laughed and started a healing process . She is now 33.
May your hopes and dreams come true.

Digitalgran said...

Dijanne, you have been my inspiration for a long time, even though you are years younger than me.
I can also sympathise with what you are going through just now. Our son left home young too against our wishes, but we just told him we were there for him and how much we loved him. Now 38 he is a wonderful son.
Your strength will get you through these difficult times and my thoughts are with you.

Felicity Grace said...

Happy New Year Dijanne. I hope 2007 will be a very positive one for you and your family.

Dianne said...

I too wish for you much sucsess in the new year and some peace within your heart...I was a bad teen and had to go and get counceling ect. it took time for me to realize my mistakes, so I know it will work out for you too so untill then my prayers are with you..
Thanks for all the inspiration you have for all of us, your still the BEST art quilt maker there is..

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Dijanne.... am late on blog-reading, but just saw your post.... I am sending white light and cyberhugs and prayers for you and your daughter and family. My oldest son, at age 13, is prone to anger and rages, and sometimes it scares me. Girls can be even harder to fathom, I think... they are more subtle and keep things bottled up... so I send you all white light and healing, and hope she will come to realize sooner rather than later how much love for her there is in your heart.

Hugs, Sarah in Maine