Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sense of Place Intsalled! Thank You Team!

Firstly thank you one and all for your very sweet thoughts- I know many of us go through painful experiences , debilitating illnesses and upsetting moments in our lives and it is comforting to think that even though we are in cyber space that real warmth and friendship do offer solace- so thank you.

As i was uploading these pictures I was thinking there is another aspect to all the curating that i do- and that is teams. I have put up a photo of Robina Summers, Olga Walters, Tony Summers and John Walters ( from the back of the photo to the front)- we had just put up the last quilt in Sense of Place exhibition at Samson Hill. Without these people everything would be so much more difficult- so a big thank you to you all! We have installed a number of exhibitions now, and I have to say I have never heard a cross word amongst us, and it all seems to happen with the minimum of fuss. Things like this can't happen without teams of people who give their time so freely- yesI know these functions are often paid in organisations but alas I never get funding to financially reward those that help me.John and Olga have developed a kit to meet even the most difficult of problems encountered in installing an exhibition, it wa smost useful yesterday. I have to get better! And we had to laugh- most of us who have installed exhibitions in th epast seem to have a supply of odd sized rods, that get sawed down for each new occasion!

And dare i say it- the exhibition looks Abbofabbo ( my new word- rolls of the tongue easily). Samson Hill Winery is totally delighted with the work and its presence and as Pago the owner wondered around with a smile on her face she kept on saying there really is a sense of place! So a big thank you to the artists for again coming up with wonderful work! Tomorrow i shall put more overall view pictures- if you want to see the quilts you shall have to come to Samson Hill Winery at Kangaroo Ground! And don't you love the banner we had made for the Exhibition- it will go everywhere!


Alexandra said...

I love the banner and I can hardly wait to see more pictures.

Helen said...

Abbofabbo - love the new word. Can I use it? Would love to see your exhibition but alas I live in NZ. Look forward to some more overall view piccies.

Dianne said...

Hello Missy:):)
I'm so excted for you , and yes its nice when we have those special, shall I call Angels..
I wish I could be there, but I'm sure you;ll have a AbboFabbo time..
I'm loven that word, so hope you don't mind if I borrow it.. I'll surely give you credit..
And I do love the banner its you..

teri springer said...

From what I can see, the pieces are great!! Loven the colors I see!