Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rocks in my Head

Rocks in my head- or that is probably what our neighbour thinks. There i was in the driveway looking for rocks in the rain- turned out the best rocks were right near the road, so neighbour drives past- stops car and ask "What are you doing?" "Looking for rocks" says I standing in the pouring rain "ohh " says he and then "Why?" "To dye some silk" says I ." ohhhhhhh " says he and takes off again. The rocks are tied into the silk- but it can't be any old rock they need to be a certain size- not too small and not too large , some long and some round. Once the rocks are tied in I will paint the piece- I like the texture of the back.

We have had a lot of rain- it was needed, but we seem to have had in two days what we would normally get over a couple of months.The garden is gratefully soaking it up ,but the blasted gang gang cockatoos have found the apple trees- they have managed to destroy more than 500 apples on the jonathan tree in one night. I am going out there screaming like a banshee and throwing said apples at their heads ( my aim needs a bit of practice though)- the sreaming did nothing but they did get a surprise when apples started flying around their heads.

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KDS said...

To prove that you really did throw apples on the cockatoos, we need a video here :)