Monday, January 29, 2007

Cedars and Sense of Place

I am still in the thinking process with the rock tied pieces. The one I have chosen is the one without nicks and some darker patches which I have foiled with cedars. Cedar forests once covered parts of Syria ,Turkey and Lebanon and it is likely therefore that Gilgamesh went into a cedar forest. I am starting to panic about the amount of work I still have to do and so little time is left. At the moment I have three pieces on the go.
And don't forget:
For those in or around Melbourne don't forget the launch for Sense of Place is next Wednesday the 7th of February at the Samson Hill Winery on the Eltham Yarra Glen road at Kangaroo ground. The launch will be followed by a fundraising dinner for those interested at a cost of $45 per head ( more details on the Sense of Place blog). We need as many people there as possible- it will be a fun filled evening with a few little surprises , an auction of an art to wear piece. I am getting lots of good feedback about the exhibition- people saying how well the works complement each other and how accomplished the work is.
On Monday the 5th of February I will be giving a talk at AQA in Surrey Hills ( Melbourne)- will have lots of my work for show and tell.

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