Saturday, October 01, 2005

Stunning Gaudi and Paella

Siena at la Pedrera

Barcelona is the city of Gaudi- in no other place that I have ever visited has one man created so many enduring images that are the essence of a city- I can't imagine Barcelona without Gaudi- it would be a mere shell- but with Gaudi it makes an everlasting impression in the imagination- so much so that I don't think I will ever tire of visiting his wonderful buildings and each time being set alight by the completeness of his vision. His buildings and Parc Guell are a cocoon of fantasy, whimsy and incredible attention to detail- they are wihtout doubt BEAUTIFUL- and I have decided that my travellings are about the pursuit of beauty and the distillation of nostalgia in the sense that Luis Barragan used it in trying to encapsulate the feeling of the Generalife Garden in the Alhambra in some of his architectural structures.Now I have to find some way to access it in my own work.

Nostalgia. Nostalgia is the poetic awareness of our personal past, and since the artist's own past is the mainspring of his creative potential, the architect must listen and heed his nostalgic revelations.

And of course being a mad keen cook, I cannot resist such things as the paellla pans, that abound at Southern French and Spanish markets, where the customers purchase their midday meal from one of these large paella pans; that are set to cooking early in the morning. I also purchased a tortilla turner- such a simple thing, that i bought it to remind myself how complicated we make things at times- it is simply a lid with a knob you slide over your frying pan- and here I have been struggling with plates for years!


Nicky said...

Oh wonderful! I am jealous! Gaudi is one of my favourite architects.

Deb R said...

Dijanne, these pics are wonderful! It makes me want to hop in a plane and visit Barcelona immediately! (Now if I only could!)

Karoda said...

Dijanne, the chance that I'll ever travel outside the U.S. is slim and I sooooo very much appreciate your blog for bringing me the doses of life and scenery elsewhere. Thank you.

cfent said...

totally gorgeous dijanne!~
thanks for the diversion.....claire

Anonymous said...

Gaudi was an innovative leader of his generation. Some people say that he was a representative of the Nouveau movement, but for many he created a new style. His art challenged the norm and pattern with sensous and seductive curves. Some say that his love to nature was reflected on his monuments and constructions. His work went in harmony with the surroundings.From the old historic center to the new commercial center to the residential and industrial zones, it's a very good city. Houses, buildings,hotels in Barcelona and shops, are all very well structured and architecturally defined. Open your eyes and you’ll see wonders of architectural design.