Monday, October 17, 2005

Back to Work

Today I have been painting papers in order to do some transfer dyeing onto polyester film. This film is different to the one I have previously used and I am still testing it out- but the colour transfers quite intensely. These will be long panels meant to hang beside each other ( I only got two transfers done today and will do another tomorrow) and they will be stitched in different colours and the fabric underlay will also be in different colours. I am making them for my exhibition with Annette and Robert Claxton next year at the European Center of Patchwork
in the Languedoc region of France. Our exhibition is called Fusion, so I am making this work to hopefully complement some of Annette and Robert's work.

Summer is coming- the weather has been warm and beautiful so I could work outside today! And Collin built a hothouse whilst i was away , so now we can extend our vegetable growing season, and grow eggplants! Hopefully I shall have tomatoes by Christmas.

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