Friday, October 07, 2005

The Hague and Rembrandt

On Monday and Tuesday we were at the Panorama Mesdag in The Hague to install Across Australia ( pictures of this on another day) . The opening of the exhibition is tonight and the Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands will be opening the exhibition.We went for a walk along Zeestraat.This street is lined with galleries and bookshops and we found these sculptures in one of the squares along it. The Nightwatch sculpture was quite entrancing- I neglected to write the artists names ( who seemed to be Russian) but the sculptures reflected Rembrandt's Nightwatch. There was also a sculpture of Rembrandt contemplating the models for his painting. The sculpture was three people short compared to the painting- but these are still in the process of being made.

My daughter Siena was quite entranced by this sculpture as you can see. I enjoyed the fact that the figures were larger than life ( but not so large that they were overwhelming- because people of those times were of course smaller as well) but still accessible and that you could walk in amongst the sculptures- it was quite a unique experience.
Tomorrow we go to Paris to visit friends, and then fly home via Singapore for a night- and then I have to put the head down and seriously get to work.

Hello Manuele- I am glad you enjoyed using the Husqvarna Viking sewing machine at Val dÁrgent- it has some great features- and I am looking forward to getting back and using mine. I also appear to have bought a roll of polyester film to take home with me and play with. It is not the same as the polyester film I have used previously but is interesting none the less- and the transfer paints worked beautifully on it yesterday when we had a workshop at Dreamline.

I am also intending to participate again in Nanowrimo- November novel writing month- and you can register at the link provided,if the muse strikes and decides that you must write a novel in the month of November ( but first I have to finish the novel I started last year which is all but finished- about 5000 words to go). But i am already musing about The second Novel About Absolutely Nothing With More Annotated Recipes and Design Ideas(gggg). The idea is that you write a novel ( well it is a novella really- the goal is 50,000 words) during the month in November- turn the internal editor off and simply write. It worked for me last time and actually enjoyed the process a great deal , and instead of looping around the internet, spent some of that time writing.


Ina Klugt Berghuis said...

Dear Dijanne and Siena, My husband and I were very impressed by the exhibition at The Panorama Mesdag Museum. We will come again during this period of time with some friends. The opening by the Australian ambassador was nice and interested. I have already surfed through your blog, it realy gives a good impression of your busy life.
Have a good flight home. Already looking forward to see you next year. Big hug.

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tom naka said...
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nope said...
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Omega said...

Thank you for mentioning Nanowrimo - what a fabulous idea. I have not finished reading all the history on their website, but it's fascinating stuff. This, the internet in general, and blogs etc. just go to show how many people there are out here/there who are eager for input, and bursting with stuff to communicate. You in particular seem to be from a parallel universe where whirlwinds are positive and life-enhancing.