Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Memory Book with Holes

I have made the journal/book to write the second lot of memories- I decided to make the cover holey as that is the nature of memory- variable and with gaps. I transfer dyed some polyester film and sewed that onto Japaneses momogami paper backed with hand dyed muslin- this makes it very stable to sew and gives it a leather like quality as the momgami is pliable but strong. I like soft covered books. The writing pages ar emade of Chinese rice paper, which is quite transparent so can only be written on, on one side.

I also finally finished some cards- I had started some before I went away, and have also made some new ones the last couple of days as I had promised Clare in New Zealand some atc's - so when you have to make a couple you may as well make a dozen or so. Clare has in the last week sold four of her quilts - through an intitiative in New Zealand- where a group ( not sure which one) decided to hold a "quilt sale". They did a lot of advertising including ads on tv and I guess it worked. Another New Zealander , Marge Hurst has also sold a quilt at the same event ( not to mention all the others that have sold). They are selling any type of quilt and seem to have really attracted buyers. Wish I could say i had sold some of my quilts ( quilts and sale prices ar eup on my picturetrail site), it has been really really slow this year. I am thinking of having quilt open day here in Gellibrand at the end of November and inviting a few of my friends to hang their quilts and textiles amongts our trees and also sell off stuff cluttering my room, and which I haven't used in years, in readiness for moving into the shed ( oops studio)

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Debra said...


I would love more details about this transfer dye on polyester film. Is this film like we use as food wrap?? is this a special film?

And you can SEW through it? fabulous.