Monday, October 31, 2005

Seven Pebbles

Seven pebbles

Saturday afternoon and evening we attended the Colac Eistedfod so that my daughters could participate. All three play piano, and Ynez played in the afternoon and played very well, then Siena and Celeste played in the evening. Celeste won her Grade 3 section and got an Honourable Mention in the Open section and Siena won her Grade 2 Section! It is organised by the regional music teachers to give kids the opportunity to perform in front of a Music Board adjudicator before the music board exams in mid-November, so hopefully this will be a good omen!.

However we had to sit and listen to all the other children play so I hand stitched these two little pieces whilst we sat and listened. The stitching by hand gives quite a different effect to the machine stitching. I am working on a bigger barnacle/sea urchin/oranges piece but to my utter dismay the cat ( a slightly weird but wonderful Burmese called Mitsou) has eaten large holes in the only piece of batting that would have fit the purpose- the only other thing to do is to join lots of pieces together- a job and a half! Not only that the local patchwork shop where I could buy batting when I have run out ( as I tend to buy in bulk) has shut down! argggh!!!!

Some people have made comments about the fact that i seem to work quickly and be prolific. Once the idea is in my head things do come together reasonably quickly- but it is also my job to do this work- so I treat it as a nine to five day, with overtime when I get enthused, and I might be up at 5 am and be sewing . I wish I could say to rate of pay matches my enthusiasm, but unfortunatley that is not so.

I am also creating work for an exhibition I am having in the South of France next year at Centre Europeen du Patchwork with Annette and Robert Claxton called Fusion. I am still umming and ahhing as to whether I will enter The New Quilt at Manly ( one of Australia's premier art quilt exhibitions)- I have a long string of rejects from that show and I am not sure I am in the mood for yet another reject .

And tomorrow Nanowrimo starts! So the nose will be to the grindstone then!Posted by Picasa


Claire said...

Hi Dijanne,

I am so glad you a back in Oz and posting your work. You do seem very prolific to me, but also just chock full of really interesting ideas, colours and textures. You are very insirational (even though I don't seem to be actually quilting lately), I like your 'get in an do it'ability :-) I could take a huge leaf out of your book.


Elle said...

I am doing NaNoWriMo too!!

Anonymous said...

ahh the New Quilt decision -I too have rejections and even though there is a quilt ready decided the cost/effort of slides(and chance that they won't be suitable and then it's too late to do more) is not worth the effort!! Deb

Joanne S said...

As to the Seven Pebbles: I enlarged the photo and see that some of the detail is embroidered--but the blue and orange--painted/ dyed/ appliqued? This is my first time on your site so this question maykhzpd already be know to other readers.

cfent said...

NaNoWriMo ????

claire....up in the middle of the night instead of sleeping....