Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stone bible

original stone page with painted paper

I got all enthused with transfer printing a page from the little Ethiopian stone bible/prayer book I have. The image is carved in relief and I guess worked as a memory aid of sorts for remembering the prayer or the saint. The stone page printed quite well, and I then transferred onto polyester film- which I have discovered is called Lutradur ( non-woven ployester). I made a long panel and am sewing in the detail- I haven't decided yet whether it is worth continuing- the stitching does bring up the image a lot more,but is a whole panel of these images juxtaposed with imaginary writing interesting enough?

I haven't forgotten about memory either, but want to do some more searching. I am especially interested in using not so much my personal history as such but more the elements of that history divorced from myself as it were- so that they have been removed from the personal in some way but have grown out of that personal- I guess I am somehow trying to abstract my personal memory into some other kind of image/textile, because that is what I work with- imagery/textiles.
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