Friday, December 24, 2004

More Gaudi

Arches at Parc Guell Posted by Hello
Gaudi built the Parc Guell for his benefactor Guell and gaudi actually lived in the parc in his later life. There are many whimsical things and constructions in the parc, and the mosaics are brilliant- however the thing I liked best was the kind of arched grottoes he created out of stone. I also visited the Textile Museum in Barcelona ( a wonderful 15th century building in the Gothic Quarter), which has a pretty good collection reflecting some of the textile hsitory of this region. The piece I liked best was the inner cope of Sant Valeri. The cope is basically in pieces - but the pieces that remain have been pinned to a background and restored as much as possible- so not only is there the woven material but the human hand is present by tiny stitches of the restorer. Next to the cope is a map of where all the missing pieces are held- in musuems in Madrid , New York, Chicago,Lyon, Paris,Boston,Berlin and more- a map of appropriation.

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