Thursday, December 23, 2004

Barcelona and Gaudi

One of Gaudi's Drawings Posted by Hello
If one city is defined by the artist who lived there then surely that city must be Barcelona. I went there for a few days earlier this year- a couple of perfect, sunny, but cool days in Catalonia. Barcelona is basically a big whirring city where the Olympics were held not so long ago with a gothic inner city and some magic buildings by Antoni Gaudi. I fell in love with his buildings the most famous of which, Sagrada Familia , is the icon for Barcelona- and yet this is somehow the least of Gaudi's buildings, though the scale is grand. La Pedrera, and apartment building near the centre is a most amazing construction with flowing lines that create spaces such as rooms, and the most amazing structures on the roof line. I took this photo and through the arch you can see Sagrada Famila in the distance. The drawing , which was in the Sagrada Famila Museum must surely have been the basis for the ghostly creatures that adorn the roof of La Pedrera.


Anonymous said...

I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that way, Barcelona and Gaudi's works had the same effect on me!! I wanted to come home and do the house up Gaudi style, and get this the same thing happened to my mother a few years back so I should have known!
Now we drink out of gaudi glasses and coffee cups, we have a big picture of a detail of the Sagrada Familia, and our fridge is full of mini mosaic Gaudi creations- but what I really wanted was to shape the structure of the house like one of his!

Unknown said...

Visit the Gaudi buildings. Seeing these amazing creations is a marvel, and most are fully accessible. The Modernista architecture tour is also fascinating: a great tour to take on your own and still get lots of information.
The first look at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona from the rooftop of Casa Mila. After having only seen it in books and on film, the actual view from the distance was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Even you are not a fan of architecture you may become after a visit in Barcelona; all his work, all the houses he built gives you a strange feeling. I felt little in front of such a genius. And not only Gaudi. Barcelona is a fabulous city, filled with amazing architecture, great restaurants, a pretty harbor, cheap Barcelona hotels and good shopping. Walking in Barcelona it’s enough to look upside to see a lot of wonderful things.You don’t need to visit any museum .The entire town is a masterpiece. Not only Gaudi`s houses attract your eyes, but every street corner, every house can offer great surprises. For this you must have wide eyes open and a good camera.