Monday, December 27, 2004

Making Lace

Making Lace Posted by Hello
Yesterday I pinned together this piece of lace- it is just over a metre wide and about 3 metres long, now I am sewing in the lines of stitches to keep the motifs in place. The motifs are the drochel inspired prints done on silk in gold printing ink. Now I just have to keep sewing to secure it all and then it will be finished and I can think about the next piece. I am reading a book by James Trilling , called Ornament- A Modern Perspective.Of course much of textile design up to the twentieth century could be classified as ornament, and I must admit to being drawn to things that are ornamented- not especially the over the top roccoco stuff, but for example some of the detail in the Lady and The Unicorn tapestries, or the rich, rich textile designs of the renaissance.

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arlee said...

Nice to see a close up of this---it's a very awesome (in the purest sense of the word) piece!