Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Medicins sans Frontieres

Tree for Life Posted by Hello
I am shocked by the devastation of the eartquake in Sumatra and the tsunami that followed and destroyed so much in countries bordering the Bay of Bengal. I have been thinking as to how best I can contribute something to help- and have decided to sell all of my small quilts for US $25 each including postage, with funds thus raised to be donated to Medicins san Frontieres which is an organisation I have supported in the past.They are an organisation who follow the Hippocratic oath without policital doctrine and really do go into the very diffcult places. They will need all the help they can get as most fresh water sources have been destroyed and dengue fever, cholera and typhoid will no doubt rage. I have posted a photo of the tree I drew with my sewing machine ,for trees for me are often a symbol of the human tenacity to survive- often against terrible odds- but sometimes help is needed. My small quilts can be seen at in an album entitled Small Quilts for MSF.

Wow- all the small quilts are gone in less than 3 hours! It will allow me to make a donation to MSF of approximately $330US. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for purchasing !

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