Monday, December 13, 2004


Keys to the Cupboard Posted by Hello
Our room at Chateau de Chassy was large and had the most enormous oak beams. Our clothes cupboard was an antique wardrobe and it had elborate metal decorations around the key hole and these lovely huge keys. I took rubbings of the key hole in my journal and traced the shape of the key. I transferred the rubbing onto fabric via the computer , set it with matte finish and then stitched around the outline of the shapes.
And on another note who is reading the blog???


Anonymous said...

I am Dijanne and enjoying it very much. Envy you your stars. I check several times a week to see what you are working on. Many of your pieces don't look LARGE and I think I must start to make smaller pieces that don't take so long.
Susan Duffield from very rainy Vancouver Island, Canada.

Anonymous said...

I've looked in the last few days, after seeing your note in SCQuiltersCommercial (btw, you had a typo in the address - I had to think strine to find you).
I'm hoping to come to Wagga in January - will fax off my enrollment tomorrow. The outline looks fun and I really like your style of work.
Judy Nolan
Home in Lane Cove getting quotes because our hot water tank rusted through on the weekend :(

Becky said...
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Becky said...

I've been reading and enjoying your blog ever since you let us know on the Quiltart list :)

Anonymous said...

I am reading the Blogs from the start, and loving them! It is great to read about the way you find insperation and motivate yourself when you get stuck. There are 2 reasons i don’t write comments at the things i read in your blocks and find interesting:
1) i am rather new to the whole concept of quilting, took my first 2 workshops in this field yust a few months ago. And started at the best place... got them from you :) So i mostly think there is not much of valuable i can tribute to the subject.
2) I am Dutch and my Enlisch must be horreble to read to your readers.
So i am a silent reader, enyoing to see the beautiful things you make and working up the currage to finaly start at one of those great bookcovers that are living inside my head....

Warm greetings,

Anonymous said...

Evy, your English is much better than my Dutch!

Dijanne, I saw one of your quilts five or six years ago in Flagstaff, Arizona, and I have followed your work ever since. I love what you are doing with the Chassy pieces. I envy your ability to travel to places I will never go.

I have your site bookmarked and check in every day; I'm always (mildly) disappointed when you are busy and haven't posted a new piece.

Carol Logan Newbill
The Elephant's Child