Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Drochel Inspired

Designs from Drochel lace Posted by Hello
Thank you to all those who replied to my previous post. It is nice to know it is reaching around the place. The design I have posted today is a drawing I made from a scan some friends of mine made of the drochel lace I have previously posted a picture of in October. The friends have a super duper scanner and allows you to really hone in on the fine detail. What amazes me more an more about this piece of drochel lace is that the linen with which it has been knotted is incredibly fine and so the making of this lace must have taken a long time- the knots are barely discernible with the naked eye. I will make a Riso screen of this drawing- and I have altered the scale by photocopying and I will print fabric with it to use in my lace making.Where you see the little dots in the design was actually closely knotted threads, but it's too difficult to get that detail into a Riso drawing so I opted for the dots.

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