Thursday, December 09, 2004

Chassy Grafitti Before Spray Cans

Grafitti at Chassy Posted by Hello
I got my journal quilts 2003 back from Houston last week. This was one of the pieces I created based on a photograph detailing a small section of "grafitti" on the attic stair wall at Chateau de Chassy. As you can see some of the scribblings go back to 1671, and several names were inscribed on the wall. I loved the idea that this writing/grafitti was so old and off course quite awkward as it had been carved directly into the stone of the wall. My kids would often sit on the stairwell and run their hands over the writing, because not only could you see it but you could feel it as well. I transferred the photo onto tissue paper which I sprayed with matte finish and then adhered to fabric. This enabled me to sew the lines around the writing without ripping the paper. I also altered the original colours. I want to do more of this work- it has a very Paul Klee like quality to me, but also shows the inclination of human nature to inscribe and even when writing is not possible, marks still being made by way of scratches and strokes.