Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wow! Bookings Now Closed

Yes i do feel like a whirling dervish!!! ( this one I photographed at a photo exhibition of whirling dervishes at Khan al Pasha in Damascus in 2007 where he performed for the opening of the exhibition).

I am so surpised at the response to my on-line lino-cutting course from all over the world!! I have now closed bookings so that participant numbers are manageable! thank you so much for responding. In all likelihood I shall do another course later in the year. Back to my research- which has taken me to the medieval woodcut and a wonderful printed textile called the Sion Textile housed in Basel- for which I can't find any decent pictures in google ( though I do have a wonderful picture in a book entitled : Origins of European Printmaking which i can't reproduce for copyright reasons)


Beena said...

Please e-mail when you offer this course again! I just have too many irons in the fire right now, but this is something that has interested me for a long time as a typography geek and the granddaughter of a printer. Seeing how that could play out in my textile art is intriguing! So please, please do let me know when you offer this again!

ElizH said...

Hi Dijanne
Believe it or not we have Whirling Dirvishes here in Wellington, NZ!! I will be using photographs I have taken to make a panel for C & G. I am glad there has been good interest in your lino cut course, and hope I wasnt too late to get in!!

Linda said...

I'm pleased for you - I'd hoped to be on this first outing but have other commitments. Hope it re-runs soon!

lyuba said...

Well done from me, too-and I'd love to be doing your next course, so I'll watch out for it!