Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Intentions, But....

The week started off with good intentions, but with Final year exams and folio delivery for my eldest daughter and the attendant running around of getting printing done, and mounting,a puptil free day Friday and a lightening visit from my mother and partner to deliver a chest of drawers I purchased off ebay some time ago ( to fit all my threads- it has been custom built for some other purpose but will do very nicely for my threads- when I purchased it I did not read the measurements properly and had no jope of fitting it in my car) my week just flew by the wayside. I absolutely have to work this weekend as I have to remake some pieces for the Lovely Lutradur book which is being published in French for release in September. I clear forgot that I have to have the pieces there by Monday ( they will be late). The only upside is the house is reasonably tidy because with being away so much in May things got a bit raggedy.

Yesterday we spent in Melbourne- searching for fabric for my elsdest daughter's formal dress at D'Italia, visiting Beautiful Silks , and Melbourne Etching Supplies both in Fitzroy and a quick visit to Victoria Market for some fresh produce and the day was gone! We also dropped into Readings bookstore in Hawthorn- to find a book on Gwen Harwood's collected poems for my daughters English Lit subject- yes they did hand out photocopies of the "to be" studied poems, but it is always good to read other poems in a poets life. The photo above is of some of the supplies I picked up at Melbourne Etching Supplies- I love all the tools asscoiated with printing- the little carving tools and the barens- and I also love journal books of all kinds- so decided to opt for a square one. I also picked up an invitation for an exhibition of Marco Luccio's work which is being shown at Steps Gallery in Carlton. I really like this artisrts work- his etchings of architectural structures- and the invitations are inviting indeed. I really wanted to go see his exhibition- but we were heading the wrong way- maybe I will go to his artists' talk on 21 June.

And the last photo- I have been mapping /recording the slow disintegration of a poppy pod ( I have shown photos before of this pod)- it has now become a skeleton with the rainy weather and is finally in a form where I feel I can maybe work with it.
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Striking picture of the poppy pod!