Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Transfer Printing on Evolon

The first image is some of the printing I did as a demonstration at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane last weekend.
I spent yesterday printing my village lino-cut scene onto Evolon- which is another polyester non-woven product with an almost velvet like hand ( or chamois) I did fabric crayon rubbings of the lino-cut and then painted the transfer dye over the top- it gives quite an interesting effect. However I really feel this needs machine stitching and my machine is still getting fixed- and I can't see myself driving to pick it up until early next week.

The Textile Art Festival in Brisbane was really interesting- lots of good displays and lots of colour! Some of the stalls selling wool were very enticing but I restrained myself. I wish I could show photos but I forgot to take my camera.

My on-line lino-cutting course will commence on Friday 3 July 2009. It will involve three lessons at fortnightly intervals, and will look not only at how to make a lino-cut, but also the importance of design and balance in creating a lino-cut and various means of using your lino-cut with fabric. We will also look at how other artists have used lino-cuts for inspiration .You will create a number of lino-cuts in the process as well as hand printed fabric and a small fabric "steel" ( or swatchbooks) as an example of the possibilities. The cost of the three sessions will be $ 30 US. I can invoice you via Paypal. or you can pay me by Paypal, or if you are in Australia I can be paid by cheque or direct debit. If you are interested please email me- follow the links on my profile. If you pay by June 19 you will go into the draw to win a package hand dyed fabric and threads.
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Beena said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! the top one reminds me of an Indian sari! I may sign up for this, but need a little more information!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi Beena

What information would you like?


Pat said...

Gorgeous. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing. And I am so glad to have discovered your blog!

Beena said...

I just sent you an e-mail with questions! Thanks!

Judy Alexander said...

These are really great! Love the colors and textures.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is divine! I found you by typing Evolon into my search engine and lo and behold - such beauty. I will be following your blog in future once. (Ann from the other side of the world)

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