Friday, June 26, 2009

Couleurs d'un Pays


I think I am making some headway in my thinking for the theme for Val d'Argent."Le Carredour Europeen du Patchwork invited all the continents to show their treasures. From this idea,travel through the country of your choice, upon a free topic, as long as the piece only includes the colurs of the flag from your selected country"

As someone has already observed red/white/blue of the Australian flag are hardly inspiring and yet when you think of th eoutback you do think of red and blue- just a different red and blue, and there is white too with saltbush, bleached bones and flannel flowers...... i am still thinking but this blue/red combo is much more pleasing and so much more like the country I live in.
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Beena said...

I seem to do so much better when no one has given me restrictions or parameters to work within. As soon as someone told me I'd have just "these colors" to work with, I think my mind would go blank.

But it sounds like you are off in the right direction, by making other associations with the colors, and not thinking specifically about the simple flag colors which hasn't inspired you!

Love the circles/stitching above!