Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lino- Cutting Course

Printed on hand dyed Fabric- For Sale $7.50 US inclusive of postage.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me about the online lino-cutting course which I will start on friday 3 July. I will be emailing you in the next day or so. Life got a bit hectic with my daughters Visual design and Communications folio which has to be delivered next Tuesday requiring some extra running around.

For those who missed the information on my previous post here it is again:
My on-line lino-cutting course will commence on Friday 3 July 2009. It will involve three lessons at fortnightly intervals, and will look not only at how to make a lino-cut, but also the importance of design and balance in creating a lino-cut and various means of using your lino-cut with fabric. We will also look at how other artists have used lino-cuts for inspiration .You will create a number of lino-cuts in the process as well as hand printed fabric and a small fabric "steel" ( or swatchbooks) as an example of the possibilities. The cost of the three sessions will be $ 30 US. I can invoice you via Paypal. or you can pay me by Paypal, or if you are in Australia I can be paid by cheque or direct debit. If you are interested please email me- follow the links on my profile. If you pay by June 19 you will go into the draw to win a package hand dyed fabric and threads.

I have been doing lots of research and playing around with ideas to workshop. The little person lino-cut I made today. I was going to use it in the workshop but it involved very complex and fine cutting which is not so easy if you have not done it before ( as it is I cut off two eyelashes.....) I decided that perhaps it was too difficult. The height of the little person is 28 cm by 18 cm wide. I guess they would make lovely little dolls especially with some hand stitched detailing. I was very much inspired to put in so much detail, by the work of a Lithuanian artist Vytautas Ignas- I love the complexity of his work even though his own inspiration is the folkart of his native land.

Anyway i have decided I will sell the little persons as individual prints. The price for each little person printed on hand dyed fabric is $7.50 US inclusive of postage. Just email me if you are interested!
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Maria Elkins said...

What method do you use to print these linoleum blocks? Do you have a press or do you hand rub?

FunkyC said...

The little person block is beautiful.

I just received a whack of lino blocks in the mail and am in the middle of a carving field day.

Your class sounds interesting. How many students will you take?

smarcoux said...

what a cutie that you have created Dijanne looks almost like the little style dolls you did in 3 d .. she would be cute like that as well.


jude said...

can you invoice me?