Monday, July 03, 2006

One of the Quirks in Creating

OK I am not going to tell you exactly what it is, but Emmy is most right- it is about lace but also drawing.

Well after a month of dirth and feeling totally inadequate at being unable to do any positive thing about the Palestinian situation apart from signing the petition to the UN who seem to be deafeningly silent as are many others out of the sky yesterday fell two things/two concepts with which i think I can work and fill my time for quite sometime to come.One is quite arty farty and will need to be properly "conceptualised", the other is close to my heart and is simply tumbling out. The cross stitched panel is a prototype.The colour is not quite true- believe it or not it is actually richer in the flesh and the uneveness of my stitching has actually created a pleasing texture ( well for me anyway) It is not that the concepts have not been there before, I had just not really had that aha moment with them.After feeling so low for weeks to suddenly just have this arrive all in a rush is one of the strange quirks of creating- and I suppose is a thumbs up for the notion to just keep going through the motions, even if it is uninspired- just keep doing, even if it is only writing in a journal, ideas somehow do take on a life of their own- and when they arrive come pushing and shoving to be expressed.

And of course some of the materials I need, have been packed away in anticipation of the move to the shed/studio- which is suffering yet another delay. I bought some cotton crochet thread in the little markets that most Dutch towns still seem to have once a week- it has gloss and is mercerised so dyes just beautifully- I know I have another 4 skeins of it somewhere- but exactly where???Arggh I need it yesterday!

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Sandra said...

This is a beautiful fabric piece with stunning colors. That blue looks almost electic against the reds and yellows.