Sunday, July 09, 2006

More Little Watercoluors

There was not much time to do anything much today- my middle daughter plays soccer and it starts at 11 am- so right smack bang in the middle of the day. I did sandwich another Palestinian inspired piece-it seems to be working itself into a series- and the more I worry the more I hand stitch)- there are a couple of big pieces in the back of my mind. They are demanding to be done- but first I want to stich many more smaller pieces.

And after I got home decided to do another little watercolour- just to get the feel for the layering you need to do in watercolour- this was from a photo I took in Egypt of some of the ironwork on a mosque door- the whole door was stunning- but the details were lovely- they grey is too grey and not the burnished copper colour -it was much more greenish- almost that soft grey green lichen colour- and it looked so beautiful with the wonderful almost mahogany colour of the door. Obviously I have a long way to go!

And last night was the first episode of the new Doctor Who- this was a series that I watched avidly as a child/teenager/and religiously as a uni student- the doctor has gone through many incarnations including John Pertwee and Tom Baker ( whose scarf I liked a lot) and now the guy from the last Harry Potter film ( name totally escapes me.....yew its age)- and he's got the thumbs up- his had that mischievous edge of the Tom Baker Doctor Who- so I will be watching more of these. I wish we could send the tardus to palestine to sort things out and stop that wall! Posted by Picasa

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ilva said...

Thanks for the link! And thanks to that I have discovered your blog, beautiful pieces of art!