Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cold Winters Day

Thank you Felicity, Omega, Claire and Linda for the suggested inspirational blogs. Some of them I know, some I had forgotten about and some were new! I went and looked at each and every one! I have been spennding too much time on the net but did want to share some journal like website pages. One is Teesha Moore's journal pages- they are bright and fun and the other is Carnets de Voyage from a french site- if you click on each page more pages come up. I did try and google many of the artists but unfortunately there were not many other things about any of the artists.

And today i worked in my moleskin journal- even did a water colour ( I have never done water colour before- though I have had one of those little water colour travel kits for ages) - it was the scariness of putting on the colour. I don't know why either Felicity- but in the last week I have been making a concerted effort to use colour and must admit daily it's getting a bit better and even a bit freer- not so daunting. And like you colour is really important in my textile creating and the control of colour ( or lack thereof ggg) is why I dye fabric- so it does seem strange
to be so reticent in using it in a journal. I even go so far as to write suggested colours on a line drawing- but not adding the colour. Don't ask me why I decided to paint dried fish.....

And i did a quick scoot around the winter garden in between the drizzle that fell all day- I thought our tree ferns had died but I found the beautiful little unfurling frond today. I love neatly stacked piles of wood- we don't have an indoor combustion stove so often one summer nights ( when there is no fire danger) we burn a fire outside- hence the wood- and sit out there.

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Felicity Grace said...

I love the colours in the dried fish and the repeated shapes. I'll just have to try it and see if it gets easier as you say! Thanks for the links.